RFU Team

- april 2020 -


Name: Douwe Hokwerda 


Function: founder of RFU and 'support and support' of Yke & Pascal

Hobbies: good food, sailing and hobbies

About Douwe: Douwe is a passionate water sports enthusiast. He can distinguish any type of wood, every boat and every engine. Together with his wife Boukje he stood at the cradle of RFU. He has now handed over the helm to his daughter Yke.

Working at RFU: "Working? This is a hobby! I enjoy this!"

Name: Yke Hokwerda


Function: owner and all-round deployable.

Hobbies: all work on the marina, horse riding, boating, skiing, socializing with friends and having a drink.

About Yke: Yke can be found on the ground from Rop-Off at the moment. Since her study Small-Business she has first taken over the activities of 'mothers', after which she now, together with Pascal, runs the entire company. Yke is versatile and can therefore also be used for, among other things, maintenance and crane work.

Working at RFU: "My passion and my life!"


Name: Pascal van Es


Function: terrain, winter storage and guest house.

Hobbies: cooking, cozy eating, snowboarding and water sports.

About Pascal: Pascal runs Yke's marina and makes sure that it is so neat with RFU. He runs the pension together with Debbie and can usually be found on one of RFU's motorized vehicles.

Working at RFU: "It's great fun, I can use my passion and qualities to get everyone sailing again, and I also enjoy the contact with the people / customers."


Name: Romke de Jong 


Function: all-round mechanic.

Hobbies: music and cooking.

About Romke: Romke is 'hikke en teine' (born and bred) in Grou. He lives there together with his partner Joryna and their two children, Ylse and Lars. His great passion is music. As a bass player he can be seen in many theaters and venues throughout the Netherlands. After working for years at a technical shipping company in Grou, he has been our regular all-round mechanic since September 2017. At RFU Romke will take care of the technical maintenance of the ships, so that one can sail carefree again!

Working at RFU: "As a newcomer, I immediately found my place in the RFU team, and because of the nice colleagues and 'working outside', I enjoy my work."



Naam: Debbie Dalhuizen


Functie: 'drijvende kracht' van B&B Pension Op'e Koai

Hobby’s: bakken en koken, geocachen, met de kinderen op pad, lekker eten

Over Debbie: woont in Jirnsum met Marisca en hun 2 meiden Ilse en Vere. Na een aantal jaren in de zorg te hebben gewerkt is Debbie vanaf 2023 weer terug bij haar 'passie'... Het 'zorgen voor' blijft gelukkig, dat hoort bij haar. Debbie runt naast de B&B ook haar eigen bedrijf DEBBS. Zo combineert ze gastvrijheid, liefde voor lekker eten en 'zorgen voor' perfect!

Werken bij RFU: "Blij met de keuze om bij RFU te gaan werken en dit te combineren met ondernemen. Het afwisselende werk, leuke collega's en het contact met gasten maken het super leuk!" 



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