RFU Services

Yearly maintenance of your yacht is one of the most important things to take care of. At RFU we thoroughly check your yacht on wear or defects when preparing your yacht for winter and for summer. In close deliberation we can improve the condition of your yacht. On technical level we are also more than happy to advise to further improve the state of you yacht, e.g. build in new instruments.


Next to technical maintenance you also want the exterior of your yacht to look good and be in good condition. After cleaning the hull we thoroughly inspect the entire hull. We inform you about the condition of your yacht at all time, and make you custom made offers when necessary. Carefully cleaning the outside cabin is also important to maintain a good state of your yacht. Most yacht owners take care of their yacht with great care, but if we are more than happy to help out if time is short! E.g. polish and shine of your entire yacht.

We use the following brands a.o.:

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