The rates of our berths* vary from € 425 (up to 7.5 metres), € 725 (up to 11 metre) and up to € 920 (14/15 metre). Please enquire about a suitable berth for your yacht!

We also offer indoor berths. The berths are suitable for yachts that measure appr. 15 x 4.9 meters, the season rate is € 2.025 and year rate is € 3.035. For sloops we also have some indoor berths available, hop in and let’s go! Of course an indoor berth saves you maintenance costs.

The only additional costs for berths are service costs, from € 15 up to € 35, for water, electricity, WIFI, sanitary facilities, waste and parking (indoors optional) by example and tourist tax.

* season rate


Normally we only rent berths combined with winter storage by RFU, for exceptions please contact us for rates and options.



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