From sloop to seagoing motor yacht, from dinghy to keelboats, RFU is designed to offer 170 yachts a berth. The berths have extensive room for manoeuvre, a private power supply and shared water supply. At most berths, parking is possible next to your yacht! You can park your car indoors if you are away by yacht for a longer period of time. WIFI and central sanitary facilities with washing machine and dryer facilities completes it all.


Staying overnight in our marina when visiting one of our marina guests? Or travelling by sloop, bicycle or car? And looking for that typical watersports feeling? Then you can stay the night at "Op’e Koai", you will remember this B&B for a while!


... just a Marina? No, an allround waterrecreation company on a, like many people call it, a 'nautical ranch'... and we, we just want to take it simple, we love to be yóur Yachtspecialist. The one who makes you feel 'at home', takes care about your boat, advices you and helpes you.



As permanent guest or as passer-by you can enjoy the service offered by RFU on technical and optical maintenance, but the marina is also a fine place to maintain your own yacht in a relaxed way.


Are you on a boat trip in Friesland and looking for a cozy and quiet marina to stay? Feel free to moor your yacht with us! Our marina is within walking distance of the village Jirnsum, where you can stroll around and do your daily grocery shopping by example.


Our centrally located marina offers al lot of facilities and is therefore a nice place to reside for a longer period of time, a calm place to relax, to meet and unwind…


Complete water recreation, that is what you will find at RFU. Discover us in advance through the information on this website or come by for a chat at the port office or with our regular visitors of the marina. You will be amazed with the possibilities, we can offer to you!