Specials 'by RFU'

Did you know that we also do small and bigger carpentry jobs? Painting jobs and that we have a co-operation with a professional cleaning company? We do modifications in (stainless) steel or steel and can discuss any possible job with you.  


We call this our 'Specials'. The quality you are used to, in combination with special selected colleagues, which we really trust to work on your proud possession. Inquire at the office about the possibilities.

A wonderful example of a super collaboration between stainless steel work and carpentry 'by RFU'.

Practical and very beautiful! A laminate floor in teak in a Brandsmavlet.

Maintenance on the outside of the ship is also an important part of on-going care. Polishing and waxing is, in our opinion, an annual task. You can do this yourself or let us do it for you, keeping it clean during the season itself is therefore much easier.

Did (minor) damage occur during the season? Our 'spotrepairer' will have a solution for this, inquire about the possibilities.

You can also come to us for complete painting and / or major maintenance on parts of the ship (including underwatership / antifouling).

Not only the hull of this ship was painted 'in house by RFU', but this ship got also a beautiful and handy stainless steel new bumper rail!

Did you know that during the season we can also offer washing service (outside) or cleaning services for the inside? Even a polish / repair / cleaning job of your car during your well-deserved vacation on board is possible!



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