Blue Diesel

Information, thanks to the website of Future Fuels, developer of the Blue diesel.

Blue Diesel B100 is not a biodiesel (FAME) but an HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). Blue Diesel, also called Ssynfuel +, is a complete diesel replacement and not a fuel additive. Blue Diesel is made from vegetable waste oils, these are renewable raw materials. 


But if Blue Diesel is made from waste, can it be good? The answer is, yes. It is technically even better than ordinary diesel. Blue Diesel contains less water, it burns cleaner and the fuel is cleaner. This biodegradable sustainable diesel is insensitive to bacterial growth, which reduces the chance of filters becoming blocked and problems with expensive fuel systems being reduced to the minimum. The quality of the Blue Diesel B100 is the best for our environment and the technology of the machines. 


Blue Diesel is made from waste and is therefore a circular product. The waste product consists of residues of vegetable oils that first served a food purpose. These waste products that are released as soon as the raw material is prepared for human consumption, are normally dumped or incinerated. Now they use these waste products to make Blue Diesel.

"We also use the Blue Diesel in our Land Rover, in our International tractors, the John Deere lawnmower and in our Boatlift, so that we can contribute to a fossil-free future.


Additional benefit

 is that the consumption has decreased by 10%, so the extra price is also negligible ... "



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